General Assembly

The General Assembly is the ultimate, sovereign body that makes all the important decisions for the VCTA, where all members have an opportunity to speak and vote on motions as a democratic organization.

Before a GA, an agenda is sent out to all teachers to inform them of the topics to be discussed. This agenda usually includes any motions that are recommended to the General Assembly by the Association Council. A member of the Executive chairs the General Assembly. Every member has a right to ask questions, make motions and to vote on motions. Motions are carried by a simple majority of 50% plus one, unless it concerns an amendment to the Bylaws, which needs a 2/3 majority.  Members have the right to speak when they put up their hand to do so and are recognized by the Chair. Furthermore, there are provisions for making a “point of information” at any time during the meeting, if you have information that the Assembly needs to know. Any member can also ask for a “point of clarification “during the debate or “challenge the Chair “if you do not agree with a decision by the Chair. At this point, the Chair has to ask the Assembly whether they agree with the decision made by the Chair or if they agree with the member who has called the Chair into question and the majority rules.

The VCTA Bylaws, along with the rules of order of the CSN, show how General Assemblies and other meetings are run. In order to vote in the General Assembly, you must be a member of the VCTA, which works on the Rand Formula. The Rand Formula says that all teachers who work at Vanier must pay union dues since all teachers benefit from the union, but in order to be a member, you have to join.  Any Vanier teacher can become a member by coming to C101, filling out a union card and paying a one-time fee of $2.00.