Association Council

 2018-2019  Association Council Members

Ruth Belfer, Hugo Casanova, Roger Cusson, Sheila Das,  Eric Durling, Hugo Erdogan, Estelle Lamothe, Hakim Loudyl, Jacques Mainville, Lourdes Meana, Ilya Meldrum, Ingrid Mittmannsgruber and Alex Ouimet.

Association Council is the deliberative body of the VCTA that makes decisions on how the union should run between General Assemblies makes recommendations to the General Assembly. It is composed of the four Executive members and twelve other VCTA members (six at large and two from each of the three faculties) who are elected in April of each year, for a one year mandate.  Council members represent all teachers but bring the point of view and experience of their faculty to Council. The Association Council meets every two or three weeks during the semester and the agendas are sent out to the entire membership. All teachers are welcome and encouraged to attend and speak at Association Council but only Council members can vote on motions.