Wednesday, September 13, 2017
F216 Supper at 5:30
GA 6:00


  1.  Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes – May 16, 2017
  3. Business Arising:
    1. Academic Council: Bylaw 3*
    2. Reports & Announcements:
  4. New Business:
  5. Varia
  6. Adjournment


*Motion with regard to Bylaw 3.

Whereas the VCTA General Assembly asked Academic Council teacher members to move to table any proposed changes to By-law 3 until the VCTA has obtained legal advice from FNEEQ and until the General Assembly has given a clear mandate;

Whereas Academic Council has voted to postpone voting on proposed changes to By-law 3 until the second meeting of the Autumn, 2017 semester;

That Association Council recommend that the General Assembly mandate teacher members of Academic Council and CRT to approve the proposed changes to By-law 3 that were presented to Academic Council on May 26th, 2017, with the following exceptions:

That 1.01 remain from the current version with the omission of “CAD/CAM and the Seminar Centre”.

The preamble to the proposed revisions of Article 1.02 should remain as in the current version as follows: “The Academic Council shall be consulted on the following specific items, among others, prior to any decision by the College:”

All of the items under the proposed article 1.03 should fall under the proposed article 1.02 and the word “significant” be removed from the last bullet, and the point should simply read: “any decision that might have an impact on teaching and learning”.

In the proposed article 1.03, the phrase “which are under the Academic Dean’s purview” should be removed, and the point should simply read “all academic policies and procedures.”

The proposed article 6.05 should contain the following phrase: “A draft copy of the minutes of each meeting of Academic Council is transmitted to each of the members of the Council, each department and program coordinator, all Cadres, and the president of each Union within ten working days of the meeting” (previously 3.12).