Contractual Obligations II: Continuing Education Hourly Pay

Hourly paid continuing education teachers also have contractual obligations that they can find in the definition of an hourly paid teacher. (Article 1-2:11 and 1-2:12 of the Fneeq Collective Agreement). Essentially they are hired to teach classes and supervise and correct examinations and course work in a certain discipline. This means that if you cancel a class, you do not get paid.  (To cancel a class, phone Cont Ed before 6:30 or if you cannot reach anyone, report the absence to Security and you could let your students know on Omnivox). You can make up the missed class, and get paid for the time, with the unanimous agreement of the students. This could involve adding an extra evening or making up the time by adding time to the existing classes.  If you get a substitute for a missed class, the teacher must be on the department list and the substitute will be paid. (In this case, you must fill out an absence sheet and the substitute fills out an absence sheet).