1. When do seniority lists come out?

>> Oct. 15 every year.

  1. Until when do I have to correct any error in the seniority list?

>> 30 days after the seniority list is sent out in October.

  1. When is the General Offer of Service (GOS) due?

>> During the month of April. Please do so early on.

  1. Are hourly paid teachers eligible for insurance?

>> No, they are not eligible for death, health or disability benefits. (5-5.01)

  1. When are insurance renewal upgrades possible?

>> In November.

  1. How can we downgrade our insurance module?

>> In order to downgrade, you may do so only after 3 full years, and this must be done in November.

  1. When must we give schooling documents to HR?

>> Within 30 days of being hired.

  1. How can non-tenured teachers get long-term disability insurance?

>>Within 30 days of a new contract you don’t need medical evidence; within 30 days of a major life event, with a fourth year full-time contract it is automatic.

  1. How do tenured teachers get long-term disability?

>> It is automatic with tenure.

  1. Am I eligible for Professional Development (PD)?

>> Yes, every teacher is eligible pro rata, i.e. according to the percentage of full-time work indicated in your contract.

  1. Are leaves available to non-tenured teachers?

>> Yes. If you are non-tenured and would like to take a leave next semester but do not yet know if you will be full time, you should still ask for the leave. You can be granted a “conditional leave” PD leave, which will only apply if you get a full-time workload for the fall. (7-3.03) Or, you could ask for a workload reduction, conditional to getting a full-time contract for the year (5-14).

Other possibilities, though limited to teachers with 3 years seniority or a full load for 2 years, is the leave without pay (5-15) or the half-time leave without pay (5-16).

*It should be noted that leaves of absence of one semester or more (except for maternity and the extension of maternity leaves) delay the granting of tenure (5-2.02 b) and c)).