CRT Agenda

Meeting to be held on Thursday, April 27, 2017
at 2:00 p.m. in Room F-216

1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Business Arising
a) VCTA Release time charge back
b) Memo about 2015-16 Bonuses to ex-teachers
c) Faculty allocations 2017-18 “projet”

4. New Business
a) VCTA letter about Physical Education
b) Grades Review Committee grievance

5. Adjournment

General Assembly Agenda

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
F216 Supper 5:30
GA 6:30

1.Approval of Agenda

2.Approval of Minutes March 27, 2017

3.Business Arising:

a) VCTA Release Time
b) Program Management Policy *
c) Teacher Resources for Students with Special Needs**
d) Academic Council Committees
e) Academic Council: Bylaw 3

4.Reports & Announcements

5.New Business


  1. Adjournment


 *3. b)That Association Council recommend that the General Assembly ask departments to include the following points in the feedback that they send to the College regarding the proposed Program Management Policy and Procedures:

  • Program committees are made up of teachers in the disciplines. Others may be invited when the program committee deems it necessary (article 4-1.02 a) of the Collective Agreement).
  • It is up to program committees and the General Education Committee, in collaboration with the departments that they represent, to make any recommendations that they deem necessary (article 4-1.02 b) of the Collective Agreement).
  • The word “leads” in the proposed policy should be replaced with “coordinates” to better reflect the Collective Agreement’s description of a coordinator as a peer and not a boss (article 4-1.02 d) of Collective Agreement).
  • The approval of program-wide changes to pedagogical approaches should be removed from the roles and responsibilities of program committees since this is a departmental function (article 4-1.05, 2.13 of the Collective Agreement).
  • It should be left up to program committees, in collaboration with their departments or disciplines, to decide when to meet so as to allow for timely consultation with departments (article 4-1.02 b) of the Collective Agreement).
  • As the proposed annual revision cycle seems unrealistic, it should be left to program committees, in collaboration with their departments or disciplines, to determine the length of the revision cycle (article 4-1.02 b) of the Collective Agreement).
  • Program committees should be able to decide upon their own criteria for evaluation rather than the proposed CEEC criteria (article 4-1.02 b) of the Collective Agreement).
  • Departmental resources should not be cut if extra resources are needed for programs.



**3. c)

Whereas every department should have some resources to help students with special needs;


That Association Council recommends to the General Assembly that the General Assembly demand that the College set aside S024 resources so that no department is left without resources for teachers to help students with special needs.

CRT Agenda

Meeting to be held on Thursday, April 20, 2017
at 2:00 p.m. in Room F-216

1. Adoption of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Business Arising
a) VCTA Release Time
b) Executive Release charge back
c) Continuing Education Charges
d) Faculty allocations 2017-2018 (projet)
e) Building Systems Engineering Technology

4. New Business
a) Meds 2017-2018
b) Transfers of Availability

5. Adjournment

Association Council Agenda

Thursday, April 13, 2017
ROOM F-216 at 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm


  1.  Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes: March 2, 2017 & March 30, 2017
  3.  Business Arising
    1. By-law 3
    2. Program Management Policy (PMP)
    3. VCTA Release Time
    4. Writing Center Pilot Project (with three (3) Gen Ed teachers)
    5. Library Renovation
  4. Reports & Announcements
    1. Sexual Violence Policy
    2. Academic Dean
  5. New Business
    1. General Assemblies
    2. Union Practices Meeting
    3. Audit Committee Report
  6. Members` Concerns
  7. Varia
  8. Adjournment



Vanier’s Colour Palette and Teachers’ Offices

Vanier’s Colour Palette and Teachers’ Offices

A colour palette has been determined by the College for the entire campus, including teachers’ offices.  The VCTA has outlined some issues.

Branding:  The dominant choice of Vanier’s brand colours, grey and red, are the worst choices according to colour psychology as grey is considered depressing and red, aggressive.  Also, the branding effect creates a “gimmicky” and “tired” feeling, which is de-energizing as well.

Autonomy:   Teachers are now limited in their own offices:  2-3 walls will be pale grey, and 1-2 wall(s) will be from a limited palette:  “brand-colours” or red or medium grey and “non-brand” colours, brown-grey, blue-grey, yellow, or aqua.  Teachers should have much more autonomy in the design of their own office space, as not only do we all have different spaces and lighting, greater control over one’s own workspace increases energy and morale.

Let’s remember, this is a space where many of us will be living for decades to come!

The VCTA’s Accent Palette

Two more choices:  The College has advanced a little, in allowing us to propose 2 more colours to add to the palette.   We are asking teachers to come down to our office to pick their favourite 2 colours from our assembled accent palette. We will be passing on the majority choices to the College in April.

Office Painting

Requests for painting should come through renovation requests, which are completed by your coordinator and signed by your faculty dean (before budgets are allocated, usually between December and February).

If no request is formally placed, teachers can contact Joanie Robert directly who, after consultation with the Service department, will determine if they can include the job. If approved, the teacher will be contacted with the specific instructions on how and when to pack their belongings. At that time, they should identify their chosen accent colour (in order to advise the painter) and indicate the choice on the 1 or 2 walls as well by attaching a note with the colour number.

Renovation request form

For more information on the importance of colour in the work environment, please see, the following sites:


or video:

Vanier colour palette

VCTA accent palette teachers


Contractual Obligations II: Continuing Education Hourly Pay

Hourly paid continuing education teachers also have contractual obligations that they can find in the definition of an hourly paid teacher. (Article 1-2:11 and 1-2:12 of the Fneeq Collective Agreement). Essentially they are hired to teach classes and supervise and correct examinations and course work in a certain discipline. This means that if you cancel a class, you do not get paid.  (To cancel a class, phone Cont Ed before 6:30 or if you cannot reach anyone, report the absence to Security and you could let your students know on Omnivox). You can make up the missed class, and get paid for the time, with the unanimous agreement of the students. This could involve adding an extra evening or making up the time by adding time to the existing classes.  If you get a substitute for a missed class, the teacher must be on the department list and the substitute will be paid. (In this case, you must fill out an absence sheet and the substitute fills out an absence sheet).




Meeting to be held on Thursday, April 6, 2017
at 2:00 p.m. in Room F-216


  1.  Adoption of Agenda
  2.  Approval of Minutes
  3. Business Arising
    a) Allocation 2015-16 final RFA and allocation tables
    b) Updated faculty allocation 2016-17
    c) Faculty allocation 2017-2018
    d) VCTA Release Time
    e) Continuing Education Charges
  4. New Business
    a) Conditional leaves
    b) Schooling grievances VAN 2015-02-03, VAN 2016-12-09,VAN 2017-03-05
    c) Special contracts with conditions
    d) Executive release buy back
  5. Varia
  6. Adjournment

Academic Council Agenda

Friday, April 7, 2017, 1:00 p.m.
Room F-216

1. Welcome

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Approval of the Minutes of March 3, 2017

4. Business Arising from the Minutes
a) Space Update (J. Robert)

5. Main Business
a) Items for Recommendation
i) Animal Health Grid (E. Lozowy)
b) Items for Consultation

6. Reports, Announcements and Correspondence
a) CAP (Commission des affaires pédagogiques) Update (E. Lozowy)
b) Cheating and Plagiarism Report (T. Ingerman)
c) Learning Commons Update (E. Lozowy)

7. Varia

8.  Adjournment