Vanier’s Colour Palette and Teachers’ Offices

Vanier’s Colour Palette and Teachers’ Offices

A colour palette has been determined by the College for the entire campus, including teachers’ offices.  The VCTA has outlined some issues.

Branding:  The dominant choice of Vanier’s brand colours, grey and red, are the worst choices according to colour psychology as grey is considered depressing and red, aggressive.  Also, the branding effect creates a “gimmicky” and “tired” feeling, which is de-energizing as well.

Autonomy:   Teachers are now limited in their own offices:  2-3 walls will be pale grey, and 1-2 wall(s) will be from a limited palette:  “brand-colours” or red or medium grey and “non-brand” colours, brown-grey, blue-grey, yellow, or aqua.  Teachers should have much more autonomy in the design of their own office space, as not only do we all have different spaces and lighting, greater control over one’s own workspace increases energy and morale.

Let’s remember, this is a space where many of us will be living for decades to come!

The VCTA’s Accent Palette

Two more choices:  The College has advanced a little, in allowing us to propose 2 more colours to add to the palette.   We are asking teachers to come down to our office to pick their favourite 2 colours from our assembled accent palette. We will be passing on the majority choices to the College in April.

Office Painting

Requests for painting should come through renovation requests, which are completed by your coordinator and signed by your faculty dean (before budgets are allocated, usually between December and February).

If no request is formally placed, teachers can contact Joanie Robert directly who, after consultation with the Service department, will determine if they can include the job. If approved, the teacher will be contacted with the specific instructions on how and when to pack their belongings. At that time, they should identify their chosen accent colour (in order to advise the painter) and indicate the choice on the 1 or 2 walls as well by attaching a note with the colour number.

Renovation request form

For more information on the importance of colour in the work environment, please see, the following sites:


or video:

Vanier colour palette

VCTA accent palette teachers