How to lose your job without trying: ATTENTION ALL NON-TENURED TEACHERS

All non-tenured teachers must put in a GOS (General Offer of Service) during the month of April for the following year.

If you forget to do so, you must apply to each and every posting in your area during the next year, unless you have a full-time contract for the year. If you forget to apply to a particular posting, you do not have priority for the workload and the next person on the list gets your job, if they have a GOS in or have applied to the posting. Someone on the priority list in your discipline can then pass you on the seniority list.

Please put a note on your calendars and phones now to remind you to put in the GOS. At the beginning of April, HR will send out a reminder and the necessary forms. Make sure that you fill them in and send them back to HR or you are risking your job next year.