General Assembly Agenda


January 31st 2017, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Boardroom F216

1. Approval of Agenda
2.    Approval of Minutes – Sept 14th 2016 and Dec 14th 2016.
3.    Business Arising:
a) Amendment to VCTA by-laws
b) VCTA Executive release time
c) Resources for teachers with special needs students
d)Program Management Policy

4.    Reports & Announcements:
a) Teachers on college committees
b) Colour palette consultation

5.    New Business:
a) Fitness Center
b) Cont Ed resources for full-time contracts

6. Varia
a) Estates General on education
b) CSN Congrès
c) Insurance after retirement

7. Adjournment

Recommendations from Association Council for General Assembly:

3. a) Amendment to VCTA Bylaws
Whereas in the process of Academic Sector Restructuring in winter, 2016, the College changed the structures and names of the faculties,
That the VCTA Bylaws be amended to reflect the changes that were made to the structures and names of faculties in 2016; the Faculty of Arts, Business, and Social Sciences, the Faculty of General Education, and the Faculty of Science and Technology replace the Faculty of Careers and Technical Programs, the Faculty of Social Science, Commerce, Arts and Letters, and the Faculty of Science and General Studies.

3. c)  Teacher Resources for students with special needs
That the General Assembly advise departments to pass the General Assembly motion of December 14, 2016*, send it to the Academic Dean and not approve any “accessibility” project proposals (previously referred to as “students with special needs”) until further notice.

*  Whereas there are no clearly defined goals for projects regarding students with special needs(204);
Whereas the College lacks a policy on Students with Special Needs:
Whereas there is a problem with the definition of special needs categories;
That the General Assembly demand that the College suspend any further allocation of the funds
beyond winter 2017 and revisit the use of these funds ONLY after clear consultation with teachers.

5. a) Fitness Center Fees:

Whereas our employer should provide employees with access to fitness facilities;
Whereas it is a fundamental benefit to the College that teachers be able to access fitness facilities in the workplace;
Whereas such facilities are available in the form of the Sports Complex;
Whereas the GA has previously moved that the employer continue to provide access to the Sports Complex to teachers free of charge;
Whereas the VCTA has filed a grievance to contest the $35 fee per semester charge;
That the GA reject the proposal of the Fitness Room Users Committee 2016-2017 to have the VCTA pay for teachers to use the Sports Complex.